Common features needed in controllers.
A Kernel that provides configuration hooks.
Basic lock feature for commands.
Trait that allows a generic method to find and sort service by priority option in the tag.
ContainerAware trait.
Leverages a message bus to expect a single, synchronous message handling and return its result.
Trait to get (and set) the URL the user last visited before being forced to authenticate.
Resolves a class name.
DenormalizerAware trait.
NormalizerAware trait.
SerializerAware trait.
An implementation of CacheInterface for PSR-6 CacheItemPoolInterface classes.
A trait to help implement PSR-11 service locators.
Implementation of ServiceSubscriberInterface that determines subscribed services from private method return types. Service ids are available as "ClassName::methodName".
A trait to help implement TranslatorInterface and LocaleAwareInterface.