AclCache Interface
This interface represents an access control list (ACL) for a domain object.
Provides a common interface for retrieving ACLs.
Interface for audit loggers
This interface adds auditing capabilities to the ACL.
ACEs can implement this interface if they support auditing capabilities.
This method can be implemented by domain objects which you want to store ACLs for if they do not have a getId() method, or getId() does not return a unique identifier.
This class represents an individual entry in the ACL list.
Interface for entries which are restricted to specific fields
This interface adds mutators for the AclInterface.
Provides support for creating and storing ACL instances.
Represents the identity of an individual domain object instance.
Retrieves the object identity for a given domain object
Interface used by permission granting implementations.
This interface provides an additional level of indirection, so that we can work with abstracted versions of security objects and do not have to save the entire objects.
Interface for retrieving security identities from tokens