Container is a dependency injection container.
A simple implementation of ContainerAwareInterface.
ContainerAware trait.
ContainerBuilder is a DI container that provides an API to easily describe services.
Definition represents a service definition.
This definition decorates another definition.
Adds some function to the default ExpressionLanguage.
Define some ExpressionLanguage functions.
Parameter represents a parameter reference.
Reference represents a service reference.
Scope class.
SimpleXMLElement deprecated
SimpleXMLElement class.
Represents a variable.


ContainerAwareInterface should be implemented by classes that depends on a Container.
ContainerInterface is the interface implemented by service container classes.
IntrospectableContainerInterface defines additional introspection functionality for containers, allowing logic to be implemented based on a Container's state.
Scope Interface.
TaggedContainerInterface is the interface implemented when a container knows how to deals with tags.