Constraint Contains the properties of a constraint definition.
ConstraintValidatorFactory Default implementation of the ConstraintValidatorFactoryInterface.
ConstraintViolation Represents a single violation of a constraint.
ConstraintViolationList An array-acting object that holds many ConstrainViolation instances.
ExecutionContext The central object representing a single validation process.
GraphWalker Responsible for walking over and initializing validation on different types of items.
Validator The default implementation of the ValidatorInterface.
ValidatorContext Default implementation of ValidatorContextInterface
ValidatorFactory Creates and configures new validator objects


ConstraintValidatorFactoryInterface Specifies an object able to return the correct ConstraintValidatorInterface instance given a Constrain object.
ObjectInitializerInterface Interface for object initializers.
ValidatorContextInterface Stores settings for creating a new validator and creates validators
ValidatorInterface Validates a given value.